Website Updates

Maintenance update June 25
  • DLC Fixed "orphaned" DLC entries throwing page errors and clogging the queue
  • Backend Improved how dynamic lists are stored (we heard you, "Skip for Now" is coming back)
  • Backend Updated the web framework, database, and support packages []
    For those who were curious, the site's built on ASP.NET Core + PostgreSQL with some Bootstrap 5 seasoning

What's Next?
The development dashboard currently has hundreds of open entries (TODOs, crash reports, user suggestions)
but the most important features you can expect from future versions are:
  • More powerful and customizable discovery queue
  • Data for Uplay, Origin, Epic Store exclusives
  • Support for bundles, franchise packs, and subscription services
  • Updates about games you're following posted directly to your feed
  • How-long-to-beat stats from the database
  • Localized prices for all major regions
  • Import function for GOG and ITAD accounts
  • Better public profiles and ways to interact with your friends
  • Fully responsive layout that doesn't suck on mobile
  • Interesting statistics on new game releases
  • Detailed FAQ section on how the algorithm works!
72,849 games cached
39,548 DLC cached